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We are a World class institution committed to Holistic School Education that engenders excellence in every sphere of human endeavour. In our Students, age old values, discipline and  traditions  that have benefitted generations after generation.

Mission & Vision Imagination is progress
The first step towards progress is imagination and the foundation of Wood Blossoms has been laid upon this very idea. Our mission is to create an ideal learning environment by using such teaching strategies which give wings to the imagination of your child.
Notice Board
Annual show - 2017 KHADI-Hindustani Tana Bana
  Dec 16, 2017
  Wood Blossoms International School celebrated Annual function of classes Play Pen to Nursery with great zeal and fervor. Function started with the ribbon cutting ceremony followed with lighting of the lamp by the Chairman of the school Dr. Satnam Singh Nijjar , Chairperson Dr. Satinderjit Kaur Nijjar and Headmistress of the school Ms. Anupama Puri. The theme was based on Khadi – Hindustani Tana Bana. Entirely inspired by the teaching of great leader and activist the father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi . Gandhi ji not only gave India its freedom but also gave the world a thought on non – violence sustainable living. His teaching and experiments are more valid today than ever before, especially when we are trying to find solutions to worldwide greed, corruption, violence and political restlessness. Gandhi ji represent not only the collective conscience of India but also the collective conscience of all humanity. On this occasion the headmistress Ms. Anupama Puri rose to the audience and delivered welcome speech to the parents and dignitaries. The chairperson Dr. Satinderjit Kaur Nijjar in her speech gave emphases on three aspects ………… Firstly Importance of education among underprivileged strata, followed by uplifting of the economic status of the population and lastly offers a level playing fields to all. At the end the honorable Management applauded the school for its all-round success and wished a better future for the students. This was followed by the National Anthem.
Celebration of Prakash Purab
  Nov 3, 2017
  Prakash Purab of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji was celebrated in WBIS. The students of class K.G. to 5th and all staff members recited Path of "Japji Sahib" and "Anand Sahib" with musical instruments. Students recited shabads, poems, speeches on this occasion. Teachers gave knowledge to the students regarding the teachings and life of Shri Guru Nank Dev Ji. "Guru Ka Langar" was served to everyone.
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Our Journey

We have begun this journey with an earnest desire and a prayer to see our dreams come true.
Genesis Wood Blossoms was started in the year 2005 to give firsthand experience of education to the children.
The institution is the practical visualization of a dream seen long time back by the founder and chairperson of the school Dr. Mrs. S.K. Nijjar. Mrs. Nijjar's inspiring guidance and attention to the smallest detail in the school has made Wood Blossoms, the only one school of its own kind in Batala.
The long awaited search of the parents to provide their kids a child friendly learning environment ended up with the arrival of Wood Blossoms.