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We are a World class institution committed to Holistic School Education that engenders excellence in every sphere of human endeavour. In our Students, age old values, discipline and  traditions  that have benefitted generations after generation.

Mission & Vision Imagination is progress
The first step towards progress is imagination and the foundation of Wood Blossoms has been laid upon this very idea. Our mission is to create an ideal learning environment by using such teaching strategies which give wings to the imagination of your child.
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  Apr 23, 2018
  TODAY IS THE ICE CREAM DAY!!! An ice-cream 🍦 parlour was organized at school premises for the tiny tots. Corridor presented a real look of ice cream parlour where all the little learners and their teachers had a lot of fun together. A presentation was given by the teachers doing what we expect our kids to do while entering an Ice cream parlour. The main objective of this activity was to make them familiarize about the making procedure of Ice cream, Etiquettes we should use in the ice cream parlour, use of Napkin while having an ice cream in a Fun Interactive way. All the students were very excited. They took pleasure in whole activity. The Ice cream party was followed with their amazing dance. The Activity went spectacular with support and coordination of our revered headmistress Ms Anupama puri. Really, it was a delightful experience which they cherished and enjoyed..
  Apr 21, 2018
  RED DAY CELEBRATION !!! Nature itself has many colours, which makes the world 🌍 look beautiful. With this objective, The wood Blossom 🌸 school recently celebrated Red day for the little blossomers. Red colour symbolizes love, life and vitality. The celebration 🎉 took its charm as the tiny tots entered into the school 🏫 campus in their stunning red attires 👗🧣. To make the significance of the day, all the red colour objects were displayed in the class. Teachers discussed the theme of the day during circle time and help them to familiarize with the different red colour objects in the surroundings. The whole "ACTIVITY STUDIO" decorated with red theme. Our worthy headmistress Ms.Anupama puri also gave a wonderful introduction to the different shades of red. The tiny tots participated in a variety of hands on activities related to the identification of red colour. The celebration completely served the purpose as it helped the students to identify, sorting and classifying objects based on red colour.
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Our Journey

We have begun this journey with an earnest desire and a prayer to see our dreams come true.
Genesis Wood Blossoms was started in the year 2005 to give firsthand experience of education to the children.
The institution is the practical visualization of a dream seen long time back by the founder and chairperson of the school Dr. Mrs. S.K. Nijjar. Mrs. Nijjar's inspiring guidance and attention to the smallest detail in the school has made Wood Blossoms, the only one school of its own kind in Batala.
The long awaited search of the parents to provide their kids a child friendly learning environment ended up with the arrival of Wood Blossoms.